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Raw Dog Food why raw feeding?

Raw feeding in a nutshell is simply species appropriate, natural foods presented in a way that a dogs digestive system is designed to process. This in turn brings about a healthy body and strengthened immune system.

Some of the benefits you can expect to see from a raw diet are: –

A settled digestive system so less chance of tummy upsets or excess gases.

A leaner and fitter body type.

Improved health, energy and longevity.

Increased immunity.

Visibly healthy skin and coat from nose to tail tip.

Improved oral care and hygiene.

Settled temperament.

Highly palatable food also triggers interest (how can little brown pellets be appetising)

Decreased doggie body odour.

Up to 2/3 less poop being produced as free of fillers so only ash and fibre being passed, the harder stool in turn naturally exercises the dog’s anal glands.



Passing By? You can always come and collect from us at our unit and save yourself the P+P Costs.

Unit 8 Maltings Ind Est, Maltings Road, Battlesbridge, Essex, SS11 7RH


To Guarantee best results we only post out on a Monday, Tuesday And Wednesday. Orders placed after 10am on a Wednesday will be posted the following Monday.

Once ordered we will send your food out via courier service, We use UK Mail to deliver across all of England. We do not post to Northern Scotland, Ireland or the Isles. 

We only post To Areas A + B

We post to Areas A and B

We post to Areas A and B


At PP Raw Dog Food Ltd, we are thinking about the environment and how we can help make a difference. We also want to ensure that your dog food arrives to you via the best means possible all year round.

During the winter months we use double sided foil bubble wrap. and a double skinned cardboard box. We have found that not only will this keep your food frozen in transit, but it’s also 100% recyclable.

We work to reuse and recycle ourselves as much as possible and run a scheme whereby if you can store up to 8 deliveries worth of flat packed foil, in 1 single cardboard box. We can arrange a collection from you with UK Mail. This would be a cost free service.

During the hotter summer months, we need the use of polystyrene boxes ( To cope with the high temperature days) but we have come to an agreement with a local company whereby we purchase their ‘as new’ boxes for re-use after their deliveries. Think about maybe donating them to your local school or allotment for re-use, these can also be 100% recycled at recycling centres where they are compressed into blocks and then shipped back to the manufacturers for more products to be made.

If you are interested in this, then please click on the link below and find your nearest Polystyrene recycling plant.

Inside your packaging you will find a time strip thermometer stuck to one of the top boxes. This is purely monitoring the temperature of your delivery, ensuring temperature is maintained during transit, please familiarise yourself with the information leaflet contained also within your order.

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Contact details

Address: PP Raw Dog Food Limited, Unit 12, Westfield Close, Rawreth Industrial Estate, Rayleigh, Essex, SS6 9RL

Phone: 07769 747173

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Opening hours: 10am-4pm on Monday to Saturday, closed on Sundays.

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